August 2019

June ’19 collab with my bro !

tl; : je suis allé voir mon bro Kévin pendant mes dernières vacances, qui dessine trop bien mais en pause Papa ! (et League of Legends… lol) on a dessiné ensemble sur sa tablette écran sur le thème des clodos intenses (ne jugez pas !)on s’est bien marré et passé plus de temps que prévu, mais pour un résultat bien plus chiadé que j’imaginaisj’ai créé Stiv Lou ! un mec simple qui vit à l’essentielKep a repris son vieux perso Felapool ou Hingus pour les intimes, avec toujours ses petites coucougnettes sous le bec !pas habitué à dessiner direct sur un écran mais avec l’exemple de Kéké j’ai progressé plus vite que si j’avais été seulj’ai essayé de m’inspirer et coller à son style pour un résultat harmonieuxplutôt content du résultat, même si c’est pour ma partie trop proche de mon style trop plat que je veux changerj’espère que mon bro va reprendre ses projets suite à ce dessin fun !

During my long awaited last vacation, I went to the far east of France to see my bro Kévin, a much more talented artist than I am, but not very productive since he is a young dad ! Because of my renewed interest in drawing and to show me his new Huion graphic tablet, so I could try it, we started to do a joint piece together, with a theme about, huh… intense bums, the “clodos” as we say vulgarly in France. We spent much more time on it than intended, but the result go beyond my expectation and we had great fun !

So for that – kind of – friendly duo, probably once more inspired by my dog Kubo, I created Stiv Lou (“Steve Wolf” phonetically, haha) who likes to mix energy drinks with vodka – don’t do that – directly in his mouth ! The guy has a huge left arm, because his favorite activity is to do arm-wrestling with his one-armed best friend, so he doesn’t need to work on his right arm…

Kep re-used a character he created for one of his first comics, Felapool (“do the chicken”, haha), or Hingus for the intimates, a badass street veteran, who was not welcome by life as we can attest ; also with huge creepy “assets” under his beak, haha. He is friend with Stiv because he can’t roll these funny cigs he likes with only one arm… (The running gag was “but how can he even *do this or that* ?”)

Drawing directly on the screen is strange at first, yet more intuitive than a classic tablet, but with Kep as an exemple, I think the adaptation period was much quicker than if I was alone, as I also tried to mimic his “inking” style to bring a more harmonious look to the piece. Kéké also showed me his colorisation technique, that I tried to follow, I really like the “glow” lines which bring more volume and atmosphere to the picture.

I think Stiv is an example of the manner I don’t want to draw again, haha, too static or I don’t know… but the global result is still pleasant because it match the style of his chicken pal… Well, I hope Kep felt motivated to continue his sleepy projects after that, for my part it boosted my need to draw again, and better !

Random snapshots by Mux #1

fr : Quelques photos prises en me baladant, avec mon Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. Celles-ci sont situés à Paris et autour, cet été, avant qu’il ne devienne qu’un nuancier de gris pluvieux.

en : Some pictures I took while wandering, with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. This batch is located in or around Paris, this summer, before becoming a rainy grey color chart.