Where are you, Maxou ?

tl;dr.fr : encore un silence radio, encore des excuses ! — trop de travail cet été, j’ai fini par redevenir un blob procrastinateur perdant les bonnes habitudes et délaissant les projets en cours (je mets la faute sur le remake de Crash Team Racing, bien évidemment) — je me suis remis à dessiner en octobre avec “inkteubé“, une variante de #inktober de mon pote PKLugarquelques dessins intéressants, mais j’ai fini par lâcher, trop d’idées ambitieuses, pas assez de temps comme toujours ! (enchainer 8h de travail un soir, dormir 1h30 et se baffrer une journée de 16h, c’est la vie que j’ai choisie apparemment) — en attendant une solution pour relancer une productivité régulière sur MuxerZ.fr, suivez ma chérie sur Twitch qui se remet au streaming (elle a fini le remake de Link’s Awakening avant moi, snif…) ; et allez jeter un oeil au nouveau petit site de dessin de mon bro Kévin !

Once again ! You know, when you’re all hyped up by a project, then life is happening and you end up being more or less silent, to finally make amend at one point. We’re at this now, haha ! I did it more than once in my long history of internet projects, but heh, shit happenz bruv !

Well, this time I blame my work (how convenient !), with an horrendous summer, very intense on the field, and the surprise to be forced to do 6 days a week. I managed to be more or less productive during this period but at the end of august, I started dragging myself from day to day in a blobby shape, simply over-exhausted, and slowly dropping all my side projects and good habits, to procrastinate again (can we call that a genuine hobbie after all ? As “to-do-listing” to be a passion ?) and annoy my doggo, haha.

I got back to productive mode again, yeah, with the #inktober event (one drawing for each day of october, a great challenge I also tried last year), but not in the way I planned originally, where I was supposed to stream the process, and make a Yoshi (the dino !) art for each theme of the official list. Instead I did “inkteubé“, an alternate list from PKLugar, a friend of mine and fellow practioner of the absurd. I produced some interesting and challenging pieces (from my point of view ; the themes forces you to draw things you would not do usually). I dropped it along the way, not enough time, too much shit to do ! (like a 8 hours evening of work followed by a 16 hours day of work with less than 2 hours of sleep in between *sigh*)

Well, I don’t know what is waiting for me until the end of the year, but in other news, my girlfriend is streaming again (follow PepperNGoblins, even if you don’t understand french, ahah !), and my bro Kévin launched a new site with his drawings. Check it out, and stay tuned for more iNK content !

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