myTwitch emote #1 “Kupo !”

tl; : étant désormais affilié sur Twitch, j’ai droit à 3 emotes personnelles – je peux faire mon propre FrankerZ qu’on pourra spammer partout (ou pas) – j’ai donc dessiné mon toutou Kubo, pour faire muxerzKupo (en référence au langage des Mogs de Final Fantasy) – il faut que cela soit expressif sur un carré de 28 pixels – j’avais déjà fait des emotes, mais j’ai utilisé une autre méthode, avec un très grand fichier de base… qui devenait illisible après réduction – j’ai dû modifier chaque taille à soumettre requise, épaissir les traits principaux et jouer sur les ombrages – au final je suis assez content, mais je ferai mieux à l’avenir et surtout plus pratique à réduire, haha (dessin plus épuré, ou travailler sur une taille de fichier proche du format visé).

Now that I’m a Twitch Affiliate, I have three emote slots to fill. If you are not familiar with Twitch, it was in the beginning one of the main caracteristics of the plateform, you could add “smileys” to your chat messages, but not the usual yellow ones : faces of real people (in the beginning Twitch staff or some well known streamers), or animals (the famous FrankerZ, which inspired my actual pseudo), doing funny expressions, that you can insert typing a particular “word association” (BibleThump, PogChamp, TriHard…). So, this is how I made the first one, and also how I lost time for nothing, haha.

The main problem is that it must be expressive with only a square of 28 pixels on 28. You can enlarge them while hovering the emote, but most people will only see your emote in its tiny version. I already did some face emote for mv in ancient time, when they were often only expressive faces of streamers, and not very clean. But now you have really great and inspiring sets of emote, with cool and colorful drawings, know streamers having dozens of emote slots to use. I’m for example admirative of Kenket‘s emotes (a skillful animal drawing artist), and I tried to get inspiration from her work, without falling into the mimic side of the force…

I also made an emote months ago, with good ‘ol Windows Paint and the mouse (maybe weird, but I’m practicing this since I’m 12 years old, haha), which turned out to be pretty cool for something I did in one hour. I just draw directly in the maximum size of the emote (112×112). For the curious, this is Chuchu from Xenogears, my girlfriend is an absolute fan of the game and this character ^^. It ended on the “poverty streamer emote service” (and much more), the excellent FrankerFaceZ you have to install the extension in your browser to see all these emotes, including this muxChu or use it in my Twitch chat.


For my first “real emote” named muxerzKupo, where my dog is doing his cute begging face, I used Photoshop on a gigantic square of 2200×2200 pixels, and draw with the graphic tablet of my girlfriend (the top tier Huion NEW 1060PLUS). I like the result, the drawing is OK and the coloration satisfying at my actual level. But reducing it made it an inexpressive garble of pixels, haha. I tried many alternative to reduce it with the highest fidelity to the original drawing… But finally took the decision to tweek it at each size of the image to strengthen the main lines, and accentuate or correct the shadings.

The original, before tweaks to render it better in tiny versions.

Concerning the naming, why I chose “Kupo” instead of “Kubo”, which is the name of my doggo that is represented in my emote ? Well I plan to make other Kubo emotes, so I can’t name all of them “Kubo”, haha. “Kupo” is related to one of the reason we gave his name to our little friend (or… son ? Haha), the way the Moogles are talking in Final Fantasy (especially the IX, where the french translation says “Coubo !”). Kupo ! Kupo !

Voilà !

For the next one, I think I will proceed quite differently, begining with a much smaller base size like two or four times the largest submitable size. I also could make a “simpler” drawing, with clear lines and plain color spaces, more like an anime style. But first I should find ideas for these emotes, haha. Knowing that the two remaining slots concers higher and more expensive “tiers” of sub (meaning no one will use it except me… Kappa).

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