It’s raining Kupos !

tl; : Twitch a encore ajouté des trucs pour personnaliser, impliquer ou récompenser les spectateurs de nos streams – une sorte de monnaie spécifique à chaque chaîne je me suis creusé la tête pour trouver quelque chose d’original – je me suis inspiré des Kudos de Project Gotham Racing, mélangé au nom de mon toutou star : Kubo, alias Kupo – voici donc les Kupos et le visuel inspiré des ryōs japonais qui va avec !

Twitch was at first pretty straightforward for a streamer. You could pick an avatar, stream what you played, and read the chat. Only your personal page was more creatively free than now, because you could customise it with near full HTML code (which asked you some knowledge to do something impressive). Then arrived the simplified blocks on the profile ; the personal emote for partners ; the dashboard with zillions of statistics ; the Affiliation program ; the sub ranks and more… Now as a viewer, you can earn points exclusive to a channel, doing tasks as watching the stream, following, or clicking an icon when it appears regularly (we are all kinda like Desmond from Lost now, haha). You can spend these points to unlock various perks (random emote for 24 hours, highlight a message, even fulfill a goal defined by the streamer, etc) and indeed all of that is now vastly customizable on the Affiliate / Partner side, in term of naming and visuals. Of course, making tiny icons is not so easy ! So we got work to do, but first, what fun item could replace boring “points” ?

I tried after I became Affiliate to think of something relative to what I stream or I like, but with a constraint of “numbers”. Because my dog Kubo is a familiar face to the stream, I could have chosen “croquettes” something that you can count and that can go to high numbers to fill Scrooge McDuck‘s money bin, but my pal Mynthos already did that. I searched in the Yoshi or Okami universe for recognizable items (Yoshi eggs ? Kinda boring), maybe something relative to the Super Famicom controller, or why not stamps or stickers of something ? Finally, for unknown odd reasons, one day I was watching a lot of YouTube videos on racing games (I really like what Viperconcept do by the way) and pro-simracers, or by extension videos about great cars, haha (like my all time fav’ since the first PlayStation era : the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R), I remembered a kind of similar reward in the now extinct racing game series PGR (for Project Gotham Racing) from defunct Bizarre Creations (they did Geometry Wars and Blur before being trashbined by Activision for bizarre reasons).

The first Project Gotham Racing on Xbox ! Tik-tik-ti-ti-ti-tik…

In PGR, your performance behind the wheel, earned you Kudos, with a caracteristic sound. I love this word, it is the kind of word I like to pronounce for the sake of it. Like “blouse”, haha. I though it was a cool idea. But Kudos are immaterial, and I have to create a visual. Plus, I don’t play PGR on stream. So Kudos… transposed (why not) to my four pawed friend, it could be Kubos or… Kupos ? I could do a coin with his face ? Yes, but it is so mainstream, haha. But, I had the idea previously when searching in the Okamiverse to use a former japanese currency, ryos, and their weird long coins. So, melting all that, I present to you, the Kupos !

It’s raining Kupos !

Cool story bro. But your visual must fit in a 28×28 pixels window, and in fact reduced to a 20 pixel-sided square, haha. Even with glasses on, it ends up to be a blurry mess. Contrary to my first emote, I didn’t made a too complex and high detailed drawing (still with the mouse), but my first tries made the relief on the coin totally flat and the Kubo face unrecognizable. So I tried to apply more shading and light reflection effects, and… voilà ! I really like the result in 28² pixels, but the shrinking to a 20 pixel square, if not ideal, is at least decipherable, haha.

So if you’re wandering the web someday, ending up reaching my live stream, you can ask me now to play with only my left hand, or give me an advice if I’m stuck on a game with your Kupos (something you can’t do usually). Or spend them to watch me play a particular game in the near future ! Not a bad feature ^^

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