Inktober 2020 by Mux [1/4]

tl; : cette année je tente de faire encore une fois #inktober, et je dessine en stream ! — chaque jour un mot et donc un dessin, et j’ai choisi de prendre un thème comme en 2018, celui des Tortues Ninja ^^ — je suis resté fan depuis l’enfance, c’était mes jouets préférés, et depuis il y a eu tellement de version cool (et moins cool) en dessins animés ou comics que le sujet est sans limites — je n’utilise que des feutres à encre noire et j’ai acheté un cahier pour faire un peu plus sérieux que les Post-its ou les feuilles d’imprimantes des années précédentes, haha — c’est l’occasion de vraiment me remettre au dessin, même si je me suis remis a beaucoup plus gribouiller qu’avant l’ouverture de iNK ! — et si vous n’aimez pas les TMNT, je fais aussi l’Inkteubé (comme l’année dernière) — n’hésitez pas à venir me voir dessiner sur Twitch et “enjoy the Mux”…

Maybe the first year where I finish Inktober ?! Saying it is jinxing it, haha. Well, each year as usual, october means one drawing a day (inked originally, but it is as you prefer now… digital, colors, etc) following a list of words to freely interpret, and I decided this time again to pick a theme for all these drawings : the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Being a big fan in my childhood, with the iconic action figures (got more than 50 of them, oh boy), I still have a lot of love for the franchise, and what has been done with it (diverse animated series or comics with each time a new interpretation of the story and characters), doing sometime my own comic version staying in my mind. So here’s my take on the TMNT. I already made draft of each day, but I already changed the second day, so I’m not stuck on ideas. I bought a neat scrapbook to draw on something respectable this time, not on Post-Its or sheets for printer, haha ; I’m using as usual my Sakura Pigma Micron (n°08 and Brush) and also picked a new brush pen. Well, here is a good occasion to draw more regularly, sadly, my job didn’t offered my enough time and stamina to do so in recent years. I’m also doing like last year the Inkteubé list from my friend PKLugar, so, twice the challenge ! And to add more fun to the process, I’m streaming it on Twitch ! So don’t be shy and come say hi !

Un mot pour chaque jour !

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#07 — “Fancy”

This my version of friendly reporter April O’Neil ! I should have drawn a “Channel 6” microphone to make it clever… but I though about that too late !

#06 — “Rodent”

Splinter, the martial master, in deep meditation. I tried my Platinum fountain pen on my Inktober “guestbook”, the paper is a bit “grainy”, so the tip of the pen is sticking a bit too much and it was slower to ink compared to felt pens.

#05 — “Blade”

Leo in training. I’d like to redo the feet, and take some time to insert shadows. The background is also looking funny, haha.

#04 — “Radio”

Michaelangelo chilling in music with his original Walkman ! Really like this one (even if I’d redo the feet in another style).

#03 — “Bulky”

This is Slash holding Krang in a risky situation, they are in the Dimension X where lies the infamous Technodrome. I don’t know what bringed Krang into this situation, haha.

#02 — “Wisp”

It was difficult to find an idea, but here is GLOWING ANGRY LEO ! It took me “forever” to do the shadows with my dying brush pen, never again !

#01 — “Fish”

Michaelangelo bullying a fish in an “all you can eat” joint… It merits some more work, but we should consider this a warm-up ^^’

[*] I’m doing a draft before inking for this series.