Inkteubé 2020 by Mux [2/4]



La liste, j’ai contribué au #5 😀

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#15 — “Votre actrice préférée”

“your favorite actress” (I don’t really have a favorite actress, so while brainstorming on stream, we had the idea of the 3rd Atmosfear horror board game, with the character Anne de Chantraine, played by Frederique Fouche. The game included a VHS cassette with the character adressing directly to you, and becoming more and more crazy and horrific along the way, calling you “frog !” or “pig !”, in an extremely weird way, haha. A “lefty” handicap had been redeem in chat, so I had to use only my left hand during 5 minutes, so I’ve drawn the “rotten” part first, haha)

#14 — “Une journée de télétravail bien remplie”

“a busy day of remote work” (it’s so good to be able to work at home, not taking the overcrowed metro or roads, and of course, surrounded by our loved ones, kiddo, doggo, and husbando who happened to be unemployed and not the best support…)

#13 — “Un maquereau rentre dans un bar et lui dit qu’il a soif”

“a mack walks into a bar and say he’s thirsty to it” (this is full of puns : mack is mackerel in french, basically a “pimp”, but of course also a fish. A bar in french is also the name of a fish, the bass. The formulation of the theme being weird, in french we can understand literally “a mackerel introduce himself into a bass and says he’s thirsty”)

#12 — “La télé du futur”

“the future of TV” (a world where flatscreen TV has been supplanted by holograms, and TV channels by livestreaming of multimillionaires pretending to play video games. Someday, in 20XX, my channel becomes finally the number one on, the new streaming plateform leader who bought Amazon for a penny and burned to ashes. I no longer stream my drawing process or play already-too-old video games for a crowd that I entirely know IRL ; I’m now, with my new alias Muxbot, playing the most popular game of the moment : Among Us 3D (already a dead game in two weeks tops), with my old celebrity friends cybermv and Mynthos Jr. ; that I’ve not seen IRL for such a long time due to COVID-19 or busy schedule of course, to hopefully launch for good the infamous “Creuse Project”. Meanwhile, my former friend Barrylesjambes, who failed as a Bloodborn Remastered PS5 speedrunner world record holder, is watching bitterly his holoTV with his newborn son, little Francis, and is desperate to see such a dreadfull spectacle. This monster fair of old acquaintances turned hollow…)

#11 — “Le plus grand maître des arts martiaux”

“world strongest martial master” (Oro from Street Fighter III, one of my favorite game, was the obvious choice ! Young Ryu is not up to the challenge)

#10 — “Le canard le plus fort du monde”

“world’s strongest duck” (Scrooge McDuck loves money so much, that he became the strongest chess player ever to take the cashprize. It was hard to do without sketching, I had something way better in mind, haha)

#9 — “La 6G”

“the 6G” (the 5G network was a mistake ! Really enjoyed making this one !)

#8 — “Un instrument de musique et de ménage”

“a musical and cleaning instrument” (this is a taiko drum for catching dust… at least it makes dust float in the air. I was not inspired so I badly copied a photograph and made up this ridiculous contraption, haha)

[*] I’m not doing a sketch before inking for this series. *gulp*