Inktober 2020 by Mux [2/4]



Un mot pour chaque jour !

Inktober :

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Inkteubé :

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#15 — “Outpost”

Mike (again ?!) is taking a na… *ahem* is on guarding duty. I had low expectations regarding the subject, and a few times thought to have RUINED it along the way, but it ends up being one of my favorite drawings I’ve done so far.

#14 — “Armor”

The Shredder. Since the 80’s there are a lot of different versions of this character, but I tried to mix what I like : kind of an old school feel mixed with more elaborate armor. I think forgot to do some shadings here and there… (the elmet and spikes)

#13 — “Dune”

Mikey is surfing on dunes ! Is that even possible ? I should have make his head bigger in my opinion but it’s not that bad. I had a hard time with the shadows and where to put them, I’m not totally sold over their placement.

#12 — “Slippery”

“Who let this pizza on the floor ?!” Donatello will say after a painful fall. I had fun drawing this one, and tried different things to express movement and speed. May not be the most harmonious result but at least it’s a clever drawing ^^’

#11 — “Disgusting”

I really had fun doing this one, which is disgusting for several reasons (mutagen, sewers, cockroaches, etc). The chat was also trippy about the two turtles playing together. They are playing. Just playing… You are disgusting !

#10 — “Hope”

I was mentally exhausted and spent too much hours on this not-great-piece, haha. It is also because I started with another idea in mind, had a too challenging but cool idea after (Shredder dreaming about turtle soup), and switched to this one on the way, so it felt wrong the whole time I draw it. So appart from the fact that the pizza looks delicious (but isn’t, haha)… REJECTED !

#09 — “Throw”

Raphel is into dangerous activities, like karting ! But he’s not a very good driver and must rely on the infamous blue Spiny Shells to win. It was a bit of a pain to do the kart, but it turns out to be acceptable.

#08 — “Teeth”

Leatherhead is having a hard time ! Really liked doing this one, even if it merits more work, I’m pretty satisfied with the result ^^

[*] I’m doing a draft before inking for this series.

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