Inkteubé 2020 by Mux [3/4]



La liste, j’ai contribué au #5 😀

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#23 — “Un cronqule”

“a Cruncukl” (he could easily be one of the hazards of Sim City. The son of a Pioulme and an Obangoutang, fear for his surprise appearance ! His motivations seems unclear, though. In French there is a debate between the pronunciation \krɔ̃.kyl\ and \krɔ̃kl\, maybe he’s trying to explain the correct way to us, but he can’t because he’s not able to talk, and it makes him so mad… so mad…)

#22 — “Une coupe de cheveux bien pratique”

“such an useful haircut” (I don’t know how this haircut can really be useful, but I was inspired by my own actual capillary capacities, I’m growing my hair again, at least the longest since 2002, and I improvised this one, very refreshing… the iconic Tricouette, haha)

#21 — “Elizabeth II, le jugement dernier”

“Queen Elizabeth II, Judgment Day” (she was a killer android from an apocalyptical future all along ! I made a E-1000 badge, in reference to the Terminator from T2 : Judgment Day, but this is clearly a T-800 ! I’m a miserable failure !!!)

#20 — “Je vous présente Gary”

“introducing Gary” (…or what was left of him. For a previous prompt, I really wanted to draw a cheetah, my favorite animal, but the occasion to get rid of this annoying unknown Gary was too good this time. I spent too much time on the sketch to ink it with my unprecise brushpen, so I used my joker this time ! So much spots *augh* !)

#19 — “Un dessin d’enfant sur le coronavirus”

“a child drawing about coronavirus” (I chose to do this one with my left hand, for a more authentic feeling. So dad and mom doesn’t know how to wear a chirurgical mask ; the kid isn’t contagious and does not need a mask, depending on what your governement say this week or the other ; grandma and grandpa can keep their mask to paradise as a souvenir ; This is Bobby, he is a good boy loving his adoptive family : 14/10. Bobby always enjoys a fresh bone.)

#18 — “Un DJ de campagne”

“a countryside DJ” (it was a hard one, too much ideas and not a strong will to it. It is from the core a reference to a mythomaniac streamer I knew a long time ago, but I added more neutral touch of humor about cows… Is there a cow lore ?)

#17 — “Un illuminati”

“an illuminati” (the forefathers of the illuminati were indeed the raptors, feathered dinosaurs. They wore t-shirts. But are they really extinct ?)

#16 — “On l’avait pourtant prévenu”

“we had warned him” (when the infamous Pedobear is on the track of Goku, maybe this time he will understand that he’s on a wrong path of life !)

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