Inktober 2020 by Mux [3/4]



Un mot pour chaque jour !

Inktober :

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Inkteubé :

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#23 — “Rip”

“Man, you pulled too hard !” It was so much problems to obtain this result. I’ve done the head first but it was not placed ideally, so I had trouble doing a credible posture, then I struggled with shadows on the shell (that were erased for the most part). I could make some things better, but overall I like this drawing.

#22 — “Chef”

Leo had enough of his brothers mess, and they need to do something about it. Now. Don’t mess with Leo. I like this drawing in some ways, but some area are maddening me. I totally redone Leo’s head after streaming, but I still don’t like it…

#21 — “Sleep”

Not much to say, I already kinda did a drawing about this word, so here is a ninja turtle enjoying a four hours power nap !

#20 — “Coral”

I don’t know if it was really coral, but only the water level of Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles on NES inspired me. So here is a tribute to the infamous level, the childhood destroyer… my dad used to help me pass it, so I could better die on the next level, haha. The detail on the coral was boring to do, but I really like this one. I also put the annoying “tididididi” sound when you were low on health. The complete experience !

#19 — “Dizzy”

Raph ate a bad pizza and instantly faints, seeing fuzzies from Yoshi’s Island, haha. I wasn’t very inspired by the word, nor really proud of this drawing, but at least I didn’t gave up…

#18 — “Trap”

A tribute again, to the second level of TMNT : The Arcade Game, where there is a trap, letting you fall into the sewers. The turtle asking who put the light out. It was a very funny detail that made this game memorable in an era of “straightforward” gaming experiences. I reproduced the weird perspective of all the beat’em up of the era, and introduced at last my version of the foot soldier ! The water spray is weird, I know, haha.

#17 — “Storm”

This is a tribute to the intro of TMNT : Turtles in Time, the excellent SNES and arcade game. I based the postures on the game’s intro, and did kind of a collage ! The inking is not that great in my opinion, I used a new Sakura Pigma pen (Micro 08) that is way more sensitive and thick than the old one ^^’

#16 — “Rocket”

Don is working on a rocket thingy. I didn’t have this posture in mind and more of a close up, but it evolved into this, and it is a cool one. I kept the shadows, details, and details to a minimum to shorten a bit the stream session, I was starving, haha. Might come back to it after the “marathon”.

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