Inkteubé 2020 by Mux [4/4]



La liste, j’ai contribué au #5 😀

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I want to thank you all for watching and speaking with me while I was drawing all this different pieces, and also for supporting me in any way ! This year, I did it !

#31 — “Une lueur d’espoir pour l’avenir”

“a light of hope for the future” (what could be better to conclude the Inkteubé 2020 challenge, by my friend, than using one of his emote, the incredible PogChimp. One day, the wandering PogChimp was scratching his buttocks, and suddenly… EUREKA ! He realised. Realised something that will make of this world a better place, and get rid of this nonsensical race to the destruction of our planet by humans. To Pierre Boulle !)

#30 — “Un véhicule effrayant”

“a frightening vehicle” (I took inspiration from a short film from Disney : Susie, the little blue coupé that I loved in my childhood. I mixed it with a garbage truck that could be find in some Mad Max movie. The wheels were so annoying to do, and I had to do one with my left hand, haha. N.B. : Pixar surely took inspiration from Susie for his Cars movie ^^)

#29 — “Un fruit-humain”

“a human-fruit” (Mananas is late for the 11 o’clock meeting, once again the metro operators are on strike, what a pain in the ananass !)

#28 — “Un insecte sympathique”

“a sympathetic insect” (referencing the first Inkteubé drawing of this year, the ancestor of Formi, who first arrived on earth a long time ago, is nicely shown feeding nicely nice dinosaurs. I switched back to my near end-of-life Sakura brush pen, which don’t offer a very precise lining nowadays, but I like the vibe of this drawing)

#27 — “Un concours de beauté de chien à trois pattes”

“a beauty contest for three-legged dogs” (my Graph-O brush pen died during this one, we were so close to the finish line ! So, Medium Doge won against Little Doge and Big Doge – who sports a metallic prosthesis, making him a cybernetic doggo, no less)

#26 — “Un Dulkmographe”

“a Dulkmograph” (despite the appearances and the definition of « dulk » on the Urban Dictionnary, we cannot conclude about what this contraption is really measuring. The only thing we can say is… « IT’S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND !!! »)

#25 — “C’est pas ce que vous croivez”

“that’s not what you thing” (I wasn’t very inspired with this one, haha, even if the subject is interesting. So why not start with an elephant in a pool. The pool in Creuse of my notorious pal mv who became a zboubillionnaire on Twitch ?)

#24 — “Quelque chose qu’il vaut mieux avoir avec soi en cas d’attaque nucléaire”

“something that you should have in case of nuclear attack” (a surgical mask of course, what else ? It protects you from everything, except your own bad breath, I heard that on TV…)

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