Inktober 2020 by Mux [4/4]



Un mot pour chaque jour !

Inktober :

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Inkteubé :

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I want to thank you all for watching and speaking with me while I was drawing all this different pieces, and also for supporting me in any way ! This year, I did it !

#31 — “Crawl”

The last one ! Krang was on the verge of victory yesterday, but some terrible things apparently happened to his evil plans and he’s left crawling for survival in Dimension X, his exosqueleton and minions defeated. Not the most impressive drawing to finish this kind-of-marathon, but it’s always really amusing to draw this ridiculously disgusting bad guy.

#30 — “Ominous”

The Technodrome is striking ! Is there some hope left for the future of Manhattan ? Only the Turtle Power could stop that… It was a tedious but fun drawing to do, and I also improvised the New York background to finish quicker, haha. Did you know this giant ball of metal scraps can terraform planets, survive in space or hellish conditions ? That doesn’t explain the eyeball.

#29 — “Shoes”

I suppose it is hard to lace your shoes when you have only three fingers on each hand. So here is Mike having some trouble ! I like this one, but I should have put the knee in front of the arm, logically that would mean the extended leg is longer than what we see and the arm actually in extension. Here we may conclude that he has long arms and short legs. Also a general question : how can you sit with a carapace ?!

#28 — “Float”

What a chore ! Haha, I didn’t think I could see it finished before 2020… Seriously I spent more time on it than expected, but it’s really a good surprise in the end, knowing “I had no idea what I was doing”. The addition of the bubbles and the animals in shadows helped make the result more understandable, I forgot along the way it was supposed to take place in the sewers with some trash on the surface, haha.

#27 — “Music”

Donatello is a concerned citizen and think recycling is important. But Donatello is not an artist, like the real one was. I don’t know what kind of sound you can do with a can. Not my fav’ drawing, with some kind of awkward parts, but it was even more than what I had in mind.

#26 — “Hide”

The most beautiful manhole cover I ever did in my life ! The road is a bit narrow, haha, consider it a two-wheeled vehicle road only…

#25 — “Buddy”

Master Splinter is indeed a friend of Ratatouille, haha ! I had a hard time finding a good option for Splinter’s eye, to be wise and kind at the same time. The rat is so cute *-*

#24 — “Dig”

This is the odd vehicle of Shredder’s minions Bebop and Rocksteady (you can see the later through the window), that can dig a way in the underground. Nothing exceptionnal but I had fun doing this one.

[*] I’m doing a draft before inking for this series.

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