tl; : Pisha ! je suis Maxime, aka Mux – j’aime dessiner depuis l’enfance et voulu être auteur de BD mais j’ai fini par faire des tas d’autres trucs à la place en apprenant sur le tas (par exemple des sites internet, écrire, faire tourner des magasins à prédominance alimentaire…) – je collectionne malgré moi les jeux vidéo et speedrun Yoshi’s Island (Super Famicom) – j’ai streamé pas mal de J.V. depuis 2012 et maintenant également du dessin ^^ – j’ai un chien mignon et une lapine mignonne (et une chérie mignonne !) – après des années de pause j’ai eu envie de reprendre vraiment le dessin et ouvert ce site pour centraliser tout ce que je fais et apprécie – j’ai envie de m’améliorer toujours plus et essayer de nouvelles techniques même si ma première passion reste le dessin en noir & blanc… d’où le nom du site, iNK !

Pisha ! I’m Maxime, known as Mux here and there, since 1984. I decided at a young age to become a comic artist, did some stuff after quitting high school until life drove me away from it. But during all these years, my creative side never really disappeared and I’m back with iNK to share what I’m crafting nowadays.

As you can imagine with the title of this “expressive space”, even if I grew up with colored comics (mostly Franco-Belgian and Disney’s) I especially like black and white drawing, so I was naturally attracted toward mangas when Dragon Ball landed in France in the 90s. I have now more nuanced taste than ever but my favorite authors are still Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes), Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) and Mitsuru Adachi (Rough, H2, Katsu, etc).

For some years I kind of quit drawing (I put so much pressure on myself to do overambitious projects, that I lost the fun part of it), but in recent years I’ve done more and more sketches here and there, or even complete pieces for friends, and got the will to get back for good in the craft ! But in a more explorative and relaxed way from now on, trying new drawing styles and learning new techniques, for the pure personal enjoyment of getting better !

Video games are my second main passion, I’m deeply into it since the NES, and as I’m kind of a mad collector (of potentially anything… *sigh*), I have already too much games for a lifetime, please stop releasing new games ! Because I am curious by nature, I’m playing all kind of video games, with maybe a preference for plateform, adventure, fighting, shmups and arcade racers (the 90’s were my golden age), and as I did somewhere else in the past, I’ll sometime write about it around here, recollecting some memories. Oh, and because time is precious, I had the great idea to consume it by speedrunning my favorite game, Yoshi’s Island (the Super Famicom one, the any% Warpless categorie).

I already live streamed regularly on my Twitch channel while speedrunning or playing various games since 2012 while blabbering very interesting nonsense, so now that I’m back into drawing, I’m also streaming my traditional as well as digital art sessions, oftenly disturbed by my cute doggo Kubo and my cute girlfriend, but not by my cute bunny Plue (she’s shy, but a little devil nonetheless, haha). Even if my setup is now in an acceptable state, I’ll try to upgrade it as much as possible, I have no lack of ideas !

Well, as you’ve understand, I’ll share my main hobbies in a chill way here with you, hoping you will enjoy some of it at least ^^