RePlay of the Weeks 10 & 12 [2020]

Retour sur les diffusions en direct de la semaine sur ma chaîne Twitch. Les descriptions sont dans la langue du stream, tel qu’envoyé sur Yotubé.

Live streams’ recap of the past week on my Twitch channel. Descriptions are in the main language of each stream, as it was posted on YouTube.

tl;dr.en : “thanks” to Coronavirus, I have plenty of time to stream again (please be careful ^^) – just before confinement, I got the long awaited upgrade of my bandwidth, 100 pts for Gryffindor ! – I met the requirements to become a Twitch Affiliate, so now you can subscribe to my channel and be able to use on chats an awesome Kubo emote I draw – thank you for the subs and to all of you that follow the silly things I do !

Le retour des streams de copains ! On “remerciera” le confinement suite à l’arrivée du COVID-19 (soyez prudents ^^), mais surtout l’installation de la fibre optique peu avant de stopper le travail, 100 points pour Griffondor pour le timing ! J’ai rempli les conditions pour être affilié sur Twitch, du coup vous pouvez désormais vous abonner à ma chaîne pour entre autres avoir la possibilité sur les chats d’utiliser mes emotes (c’est-à-dire un dessin de Kubo pour le moment) ! Merci à ceux qui s’abonneront, et à tout ceux qui s’intéressent un peu à mes idioties en général !

Q.o.t.W. : « Heuuheuuheuuuu… »


fr :Grim Fandango PS4 – cloîtré dans le royaume des morts… JOUR 3 [talky Mux]

Vous aimez tourner en rond pour rien ? Enfin, vous aimez regarder un simple d’esprit tourner en rond pour rien comme dans une courses de chats géants ? Vous êtes venu à la bonne place. Bref, on se balade dans le port et ses 12042 écrans avec des interactions limitées et aucune piste pour avancer, sinon de la palabre macabre. Mais sieur barrylesjambes SAIT, alors tout vas bien, haha !


fr :Grim Fandango PS4 › cloîtré dans le royaume des morts… JOUR 2 [talky Mux]

On poursuit notre aventure dans Grim Fandango, avec notamment la p*tain de forêt de ses grands morts, et ses énigmes totalement impossibles sans l’ETAJV à côté haha ! (P.S. : premier stream en tant qu’affilié Twitch, merci à vous, bientôt l’emote Kubo dessinée main !)


fr :Grim Fandango PS4 – cloîtré dans le royaume des morts… JOUR 1 [talky Mux]

Je comptais streamer autre chose mais en allumant la PS4 j’ai vu de nouvelles promos et Grim Fandango était à 4€, alors j’ai changé d’avis ! On parle beaucoup et on tourne en rond encore plus, ce jeu ne m’aime pas, mais la VF du capitaine Haddock est là alors on continuera jusqu’au bout du confinement !


fr :DEAD CELLS PS4 › la derniere rune ? (720p60fps PogChiant) [talky Mux]

La fibre optique est réelle, les streams en HD aussi ! On se la donne sur Dead Cells pour la peine, avec le déblocage de la dernière rune qui permet de courir sur les murs. On termine même le run, c’était inespéré ! (désolé pour le son au début, c’est enregistré directement de la PS4 et la musique était mal reglée)

2020… SO ? SO?

tl;” …ahah !

I’m not a guy much into celebrating landmarks or else, but eh, it is 4 a.m., I’m far from home, can’t sleep and I’m working tonight, plus, 2020 is a funny looking number and sounds even much more futuristic than 2000 (the reality is much more disappointing, haha). So, so… Happy new year to you !

While I’m in cliché mode, I’ll dwell in the past decade to see what had been done in my life. You got to endure ! Sorry !

So, ten years ago, I still lived near Paris at my mom’s place (but she was living in the Caribbean), I had already dropped everything that polluted my mind and rage quitted drawing, developing websites, “closed” an entire piece of my personality (the one who seek perfection), and did a huge work on myself to be in a cool state of mind (like ideally refusing any new relationship to be totally focused on ME, haha), not knowing what to do with my life anymore (life knew, haha), but feeling relieved of the tremendous pressure I put on myself. Well in 2010 it was the renaissance of the “il est 4h…” way of life ! And ready to live again, but differently. So, life apparently knew, and decided it was time for my father, I mean my dad, to fell sick and stay diminished for the rest of his life. With no defined objectives and because I was the only person in position to help and support him, I took care of him, with my mom kind help. She got back home not long after his accident, but they already went separate ways for 10 years and she had her own life to pursue. I didn’t know this situation was meant to be for four exhausting years, but I’m not someone living on regrets (it is not incompatible with embracing nostalgia, haha).

During this time I had “no real job”, except taking care of my father, and I spent my free time ON TEH INTERNETS ! Focusing more and more on video games, one of my original true passions (with drawing, comics, and… learning ?), I started not too seriously to write a bit for a webzine, and rediscovered the existence of speedrunning with the first Games Done Quick live stream (fell on it with a random link on Twitter, never closed the stream before the end, haha), and also lately built a stronger interest for fighting games. In early 2011, Norton, my closest friend (a fured dude from Labrador) left for, I hope, a better place, leaving a huge hole in my daily life. So, I had now all the elements to find myself on a pink website named eLive, where you could do sorts of podcasts with embedded YouTube videos, and a no delay chat with it. It was kind of a space of total freedom (no moderation, with incredible dramas and shit).

I lurked for months but began participating with the next AGDQ, which was “commentated” by a lot of people who were hanging around. Following that, I was often chatting in casts that people I liked made, and I rapidly met in person a bunch of guys that spent surely too much time on eLive, ending up creating friendships that last to this day (I’m even the man of honor of one of them, haha) and made many fun memories over the years. It helped me get rid of my self-repressed socialisation from the previous years, and being once again a fun guy, not only on the internets, haha. In mid 2012, the site died almost as quickly as it arrived (Silicon Valley is no joke) and we migrated naturally on Twitch. I started streaming not long after, for fun, but with style, the website designer in me found joy in doing 10 zillions layouts. Alas, spending too much time on my friend mv‘s stream, I never became famous as he is, haha (I really do not see any other reason. His musical skills and entertaining persona ? Nope… OK !).

I participated to the speedrun commentary of the Yoshi’s Island run at AGDQ 2013, my favorite game since childhood, and started running the game after that. Not bearing anymore the latency of emulation, I even bought a Super Famicom with the japanese version of the game (and started a crazy OG collection of japanese games, a huge but lovely mistake, haha I wanted to live free of possession… It takes a fucking amount of space, but it’s so much cooler than emulators *sigh*). In the last quarter of 2013, my dad passed away by surprise, when he finally made some progress, after I slowly cutted all the demons surrounding him that dragged him down. It felt like an injustice, I was sad and angry, even if at the same time I was free of any responsabilies for a first since 1997, when I adopted Norton.

Well, almost free, I spent the fucking year emptying his home, and moving or get rid of 25 years of memories, a torture for my soul, so much choices to make ! In beetween, my mother took me on vacations to isle of Saint-Martin (the caribbean place), where I could swim for hours in incredible landscapes, THE BEST LIFE. I continued to speedrun the Yoshi game also, but less streaming, and more fighting drunkards who peed on my father’s portal, and trying to kill me after. At the end of 2014, well I can finally enjoy some tranquility and think about the futu… Nah, gotta procrastinate and get outside, haha !

So 2015, I’m up to anything, and can do crayzie shit… Woooh, St. Martin here I go ! Oops, it appears we fell in love with a girl I talk to… on Twitch. At one point we never stop talking. It can’t be serious cuz Internet dating sucks. She’s not even living in the same country (Belgium. Yeah, it’s not the south hemisphere, you have to dramatize a bit to retain the reader’s attention, haha). It must not be serious because I’m supposed to live selfishly for once… But impossible to resist, a “this is the one” feeling, you can’t let her vanish from your life, man. This year has been full of ups and downs, I think the me from 2005 would not have handled this relationship well, but all I experienced since then, contributed to make that she is still the best part of my life as of now !

So, fast forward to 2016, I basically live with her at her tiny place in Paris (long story haha), we spend too much time at Disneyland and have adopted a lovely noisy dove, Poupi, saved from the set of a short movie where you can see us. I don’t even have my own PC with me, and live a good life far from the internets, a win-win situation finally. A trip to Sicily later, and she adopts Ponyo, a very shy rabbit. He needs a lady, so we bring little lumberjack Plue. After month of quarantine and shits, they fight to death when we put them together, oops. We are 5 in a 14m², everybody hates everybody, haha. The appartment became itself extremely hostile for a year, with moist air, wall mushrooms and cockroaches (bleh >_< !). Come december 31, and a huge water leak that floods the place with soiled water during four days. That’s enough, we need to move !

So 2017, I, miserable piece of failure, must find a “real job”, haha. A month of job interviews later , I end up being an employee who-does-everything in a local supermarket (what I though of doing when I stopped developing websites or aspiring to be the next Mitsuru Adachi). Man, the mentality, the people, this is worse than school, haha. But the family can finally move together to a new cosy place (in a shitty city close to Paris, with only one tiny peaceful neighborhood, ours ^^’) thanks to that exhausting job. This is a new store, we are 15, more than 10 newbie. Working 6/7 at random hours, but I’m cool with everyone. Months pass, lots are fired or vanish (lol), the team became (mostly) friendly, and the boss give up on making me break, you can’t beat me dude (smile). I end up being his MVP, and I like what I’m doing (I don’t like how we are treated). Sadly, near the end of the year we have to bury young Ponyo, who finally loved Plue too much and had the space he deserved to live with his darling.

So, 2018… The store is sold to a group of “mafiosi”, my boss take commands of the brand future new storefront, and recruits me, to quickly get promoted. But when I finally arrive (after a short break at the Stunfest, the great gathering of my internetz friendz, haha), he quits to follow his wife 500 km from Paris. New boss, new store opening with a staff of 30, ten new, I’m lost in the crowd, haha, and I’m bored. At my previous store we were very helpful and close to each other because understaffed. These people are all crazy in here, haha. Dramas each days, fights in front of the clients, everybody spit in the back of each other, WTF. In the summer we adopt a little doggo named Kubo (a black & white pomchi) ! But his education is a real adventure, haha. Months later at work, everybody wants my help and likes me, but the bosses don’t care. Until I’m replacing the best employee on a 3 months holiday, hardest section of the store (liquids) normaly they put 2 people to do his job, I’m alone and I do even more tasks, and hours. My darling isn’t happy !

So, 2019 was exhausting (again), even with my first real vacation. I spent the first part showing what I got and learning how to be the best underboss, changing tasks and store frequently. Until they fired the guy in charge of the evenings at my store, and offered me the ungrateful position. I said OK, and now I’m working until 10 p.m. each day. A big change but, my “evening team” is very kind, and family-like. Of course I end up doing twice more than my predecessor for less money, and everybody wants to work with me, haha. One of the highlights was that I finally visited my bro’s place, 7 years since we saw each other. I tried to get back into drawing but failed… I love what I got now, but I miss my friends, I hate to be in this permanent floaty state, like, when I’m not “in use” at my job, I’m just charging batteries, not capable anymore of doing anything apart lazy mindless shit (like vidya gaem !) and being crazy about Kubo. I need to stop being the best around, the perfectionist stealthily got out of his prison during these 10 years, haha.

Finally, what matters : I got the best girl and “children”, got creative again.

What sucks : more and more far from my friends, no time to express creativity.

Needed upgrades : better place to live, job that doesn’t devour me, release stuffs that weight on me ?

Fiou !

#inktober 2019 was “teubé” *

tl; : j’ai retenté le challenge #inktober cette année — je voulais faire un dessin de Yoshi (le dino !) par jour, j’avais même brouillonné des idées jusqu’au quinzième déjà — malheureusement pas le temps de m’y consacrer comme je voulais (streamer en dessinant, faire des trucs plus ambitieux que l’année dernière…) ; alors j’ai fait l’inkteubé de mon pote PKLugar, avec ses thèmes bien débiles comme il faut qui m’ont poussé à dessiner des trucs que j’aurais jamais essayé — j’ai utilisé les stylos Sakura Pigma (le Brush, Micron 8 et Graphic 1, selon l’épaisseur du trait voulue) — malheureusement malgré un petit week-end détente en Belgique qui m’a permis de dessiner, le travail m’a rattrapé et j’ai arrêté au neuvième jour (que je n’ai pas encré finalement) — mes préférés sont le 4, le 6 et le 8 — on fera mieux l’année prochaine !

Les détails plus bas !
La liste émergente de PKLugar

* “teubé” is a french Verlan slang meaning “silly” !

I already told you about the #inktober challenge, if possible, you have to make one drawing for each day of the month, following a list of words from the creator of this event to inspire people and see what each people could imagine from the same simple word. Originally you were supposed to draw only with inking tools, but now it has spread to all support (coloring, digital art, etc) . A great idea that incents you to be more regular in your production, or use styles that you are not known for, or exploring fields that you may not be confortable with.

Along the way, other people made their own lists, with their own rules (the goal of Jake Parker was to open a way to be more creative and productive and getting better, so he is perfectly okay with that despite some sort of “purists” will say ^^). So this year because of the lack of time and energy of the moment, I opted to do the list of my friend PKLugar, who made his own list named “inkteubé” (a pun with inktober and “teubé” meaning “bête” in french Verlan, you can translate as “idiot”… so “inkdioctober” ? lol. I had the idea when the official prompt list was announced to make one Yoshi drawing for each day of october this year, even did sketched ideas until the 15th word. But as I was saying previously, life wuz hard on me fam !

The topics were sometimes challenging (and some leaving the non-french speaker totally clueless, haha), but it was for the better, I draw some things I would normally never try anyway. For each one I used the Sakura Pigma inking pens, either the Brush, Micron 8 or Graphic 1. I made quick drafts with a pencil before inking, being not confident enough to start inking from scratch. I sadly stopped before the tenth day (not even inked the 9th one), too much work and exhaustion once again. My favorites are the #4 (“cute” lol), #6 (with an old JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure vibe… is that a doll for infants Pillar Men ? Happy, urepii… Yoropiku ne !), #8 (I rushed it a bit, but it turned okay and laughable). Enjoy it !

#9 “Un portrait de Renaud” (a portrait of Renaud – french annoying singer)

tl; : j’ai fait trois brouillons pour celui-là, mais j’ai arrêté avant de l’encrer — jeu de mot évident entre Renaud et Renault — vive la 4L de ma maman !

I did three draft for this one, but I quit after this one, which stayed in this penciled state. I kinda merged a comic style with the young Renaud (he is now old, drunk and cranky), with a pun on the similarity with the Renault car brand. This is the iconic 4L, a model from the 70’s, that my mom used to drive when I was a kid ^^’

#8 “La pire maison possible” (the worst house possible)

tl; : un dessin très amusant à faire — inspiré de trajets inombrables en RER A et ses paysages… ainsi que tout ce qui compose le meilleur de la région parisienne, le béton, les cimetières, les aéroports, la pollution, les nuisances quoi — quelques clins d’oeils seulement compréhensible par mes potes, ou moi-même, haha ! [ 36 15 ROXY ]

This one was very fun to do, I also profited from the ruined state and weird form of the structure to not care about perspective, for real this is the worst place to live, ahah. I was inspired by these points of view you have sometime on the RER A, especially the viaduc of Nogent, which offers a beautiful landscape, and by the Parisian region as a whole, which is basically covered with concrete, roads, cemetaries and circled by airports, and power plants, and noisy smelly places. Also, when you think of it, all the beautiful houses or place you see when travelling on a train, well… they are near a fucking railroad, this is really annoying, trust me. There are little details that are easter eggs for friends, or reference from childhood no one can expect. The resident must enjoy taking a piss on the terrace !

#7 “On fait la paix ?” (do we make peace ?)

tl; : mon chien Kubo et ma lapine Plue enfin amis ? — pas qu’ils ne s’aiment pas, mais le doggo est un peu trop énergique — j’aime bien le rendu de Plue, même si j’ai dû traffiquer son oeil avec un découpage, mais le noircissement de Kubo s’est mal passé — bof !

This is Kubo and Plue, my dog and my rabbit, he and she didn’t get well along together. Kubo is way too much energic, and Plue has a character. Well for this drawing they are best pals. I’m satisfied by the look of Plue, even if I had to do a collage to tweak her eye which was looking very agressive, haha. Kubo was not badly shaped, but I messed up the coloring, too much black and not used well. The shadow under his head was also a mistake. Meh !

#6 “Un visage qui vous effraie” (a creepy face)

tl; : je déteste les “baigneurs”, ces poupons réaliste qui peuplaient l’enfance des vioques — voilà comment je les vois, voulant aspirer mon âme

I don’t like some big insects, but the realistic plastic dolls, the “baigneurs” are really creapy in my opinion, ahah. I tried to show how they appear to me. Eww…

#5 “Après le cyber punk, le cyber hippie” (after the cyber punk, the cyber hippie)

tl; : un dessin ambitieux… une scène pluvieuse, rétro-futuriste de nuit — j’ai essayé des choses, tout ne fonctionne pas mais ça reste fun

An “ambitious” piece. A rainy, retro-futuristic night scene. It shows my lack of knowledge for lightning, but I tried things. Peace.

#4 “La pire fusion de deux animaux” (Worst fusion of two animals)

tl; : un chameau + un hibou, à la fois presque normal mais horrible quand même… — il vit dans le désert, de nuit, chassant les serpents

A combination of an owl and a camel, that is my take for the worst fusion possible. I wanted to give it wings, but too complicated and confusing. It lives in the desert, mostly at night, chasing snakes.

#3 “L’ami imaginaire de Michel Cymès” (the imaginary friend of Michel Cymès – french doctor and TV host)

tl; : une oeuvre d’art mes chéris ! “Mimiche” ressemble un peu à Ardisson — on vous explique tout le processus créatif après la pub !

The guy is known for his black humor, and has apparently a beef with the actual most polarizing french show host Cyril Hanouna, a.k.a. Baba. Well, now he is always with him, tied to his soul, tied to his everyday life <3

#2 “La femme de Jésus” (Jesus’ wife)

tl; : ma copine m’a accusé de nous caricaturer, de la décrire comme un tyran domestique, c’est totalement faux — il est vrai que j’ai souvent des coupures aux mains à cause des cartons au boulot, et que j’aime pas trop faire la vaisselle, donc c’est une bonne excuse pour ne pas la faire — il est vrai que récemment j’en fait moins qu’avant — mais bon, Jésus, le mec, il vient de se faire crucifier au taf, le soir il rentre chez lui, il a des trous dans les mains, il pisse encore le sang… faut pas déconner !

My girlfriend accused me of caricaturing us in this drawing. Well Jesus can’t wash the dishes for fuck sakes, he has bloody hole in his hands. I have cardboard cuts on my hands and can’t touch water neither. This is nonsense.

#1 “Un chien moche” (an ugly dog)

A rushed job !

Where are you, Maxou ?

tl; : encore un silence radio, encore des excuses ! — trop de travail cet été, j’ai fini par redevenir un blob procrastinateur perdant les bonnes habitudes et délaissant les projets en cours (je mets la faute sur le remake de Crash Team Racing, bien évidemment) — je me suis remis à dessiner en octobre avec “inkteubé“, une variante de #inktober de mon pote PKLugarquelques dessins intéressants, mais j’ai fini par lâcher, trop d’idées ambitieuses, pas assez de temps comme toujours ! (enchainer 8h de travail un soir, dormir 1h30 et se baffrer une journée de 16h, c’est la vie que j’ai choisie apparemment) — en attendant une solution pour relancer une productivité régulière sur, suivez ma chérie sur Twitch qui se remet au streaming (elle a fini le remake de Link’s Awakening avant moi, snif…) ; et allez jeter un oeil au nouveau petit site de dessin de mon bro Kévin !

Once again ! You know, when you’re all hyped up by a project, then life is happening and you end up being more or less silent, to finally make amend at one point. We’re at this now, haha ! I did it more than once in my long history of internet projects, but heh, shit happenz bruv !

Well, this time I blame my work (how convenient !), with an horrendous summer, very intense on the field, and the surprise to be forced to do 6 days a week. I managed to be more or less productive during this period but at the end of august, I started dragging myself from day to day in a blobby shape, simply over-exhausted, and slowly dropping all my side projects and good habits, to procrastinate again (can we call that a genuine hobbie after all ? As “to-do-listing” to be a passion ?) and annoy my doggo, haha.

I got back to productive mode again, yeah, with the #inktober event (one drawing for each day of october, a great challenge I also tried last year), but not in the way I planned originally, where I was supposed to stream the process, and make a Yoshi (the dino !) art for each theme of the official list. Instead I did “inkteubé“, an alternate list from PKLugar, a friend of mine and fellow practioner of the absurd. I produced some interesting and challenging pieces (from my point of view ; the themes forces you to draw things you would not do usually). I dropped it along the way, not enough time, too much shit to do ! (like a 8 hours evening of work followed by a 16 hours day of work with less than 2 hours of sleep in between *sigh*)

Well, I don’t know what is waiting for me until the end of the year, but in other news, my girlfriend is streaming again (follow PepperNGoblins, even if you don’t understand french, ahah !), and my bro Kévin launched a new site with his drawings. Check it out, and stay tuned for more iNK content !

June ’19 collab with my bro !

tl; : je suis allé voir mon bro Kévin pendant mes dernières vacances, qui dessine trop bien mais en pause Papa ! (et League of Legends… lol) on a dessiné ensemble sur sa tablette écran sur le thème des clodos intenses (ne jugez pas !)on s’est bien marré et passé plus de temps que prévu, mais pour un résultat bien plus chiadé que j’imaginaisj’ai créé Stiv Lou ! un mec simple qui vit à l’essentielKep a repris son vieux perso Felapool ou Hingus pour les intimes, avec toujours ses petites coucougnettes sous le bec !pas habitué à dessiner direct sur un écran mais avec l’exemple de Kéké j’ai progressé plus vite que si j’avais été seulj’ai essayé de m’inspirer et coller à son style pour un résultat harmonieuxplutôt content du résultat, même si c’est pour ma partie trop proche de mon style trop plat que je veux changerj’espère que mon bro va reprendre ses projets suite à ce dessin fun !

During my long awaited last vacation, I went to the far east of France to see my bro Kévin, a much more talented artist than I am, but not very productive since he is a young dad ! Because of my renewed interest in drawing and to show me his new Huion graphic tablet, so I could try it, we started to do a joint piece together, with a theme about, huh… intense bums, the “clodos” as we say vulgarly in France. We spent much more time on it than intended, but the result go beyond my expectation and we had great fun !

So for that – kind of – friendly duo, probably once more inspired by my dog Kubo, I created Stiv Lou (“Steve Wolf” phonetically, haha) who likes to mix energy drinks with vodka – don’t do that – directly in his mouth ! The guy has a huge left arm, because his favorite activity is to do arm-wrestling with his one-armed best friend, so he doesn’t need to work on his right arm…

Kep re-used a character he created for one of his first comics, Felapool (“do the chicken”, haha), or Hingus for the intimates, a badass street veteran, who was not welcome by life as we can attest ; also with huge creepy “assets” under his beak, haha. He is friend with Stiv because he can’t roll these funny cigs he likes with only one arm… (The running gag was “but how can he even *do this or that* ?”)

Drawing directly on the screen is strange at first, yet more intuitive than a classic tablet, but with Kep as an exemple, I think the adaptation period was much quicker than if I was alone, as I also tried to mimic his “inking” style to bring a more harmonious look to the piece. Kéké also showed me his colorisation technique, that I tried to follow, I really like the “glow” lines which bring more volume and atmosphere to the picture.

I think Stiv is an example of the manner I don’t want to draw again, haha, too static or I don’t know… but the global result is still pleasant because it match the style of his chicken pal… Well, I hope Kep felt motivated to continue his sleepy projects after that, for my part it boosted my need to draw again, and better !

RePlay of the Week 33 [2019]

Retour sur les diffusions en direct de la semaine sur ma chaîne Twitch. Les descriptions sont dans la langue du stream, tel qu’envoyé sur Yotubé.

Live streams’ recap of the past week on my Twitch channel. Descriptions are in the main language of each stream, as it was posted on YouTube.

Q.o.t.W. : « C’est d’la maltraitance animale ! »


fr :[ Drawing session | Random #2 ] On continue la future page d’accueil de et on essaie le nouveau matériel de stream & dessin !

Second stream pour préparer la page d’accueil de (qui fait encore ça en 2019 ? lol), et surtout prétexte pour dessiner et essayer ma nouvelle tablette lumineuse. Toujours les interventions pertinentes de mon chien Kubo, évidemment. Spoiler : c’est presque terminé, reste à scanner les dessin et les nettoyer ou styliser (j’ai quelques idées), coder la page et mettre ça sur les internets. Prochain étape, dessiner un écran d’intro de stream et/ou d’outro, mais ça sera quand j’aurais fait quelques streams de techniques dessinatoires et appris de nouveaux trucs. Ca peut être une bonne façon régulière de mettre en pratique ce que j’aurai appris aussi ^^

Some recent sketches (around june ’19)

tl; : dessins réalisés pendant mes vacances de juin, ou par là — pas de thème particulier à part Kubo qui fait pipi… — utilisé des vieux crayons et stylos du boulot ^^

I have drawn some random things these past weeks, during my long awaited vacations (and now already a far far memory…) ! No particular theme to be found in these sketches, hence the pissing Kubo (my doggo ^^’), the base idea of my future homepage. I used mostly old pencils or tired pens from work, haha.

[*] …a PENIS ! (What has been seen, cannot be unseen.)

RePlay of the Weeks 31 & 32 [2019]

Retour sur les diffusions en direct de la semaine sur ma chaîne Twitch. Les descriptions sont dans la langue du stream, tel qu’envoyé sur Yotubé.

Live streams’ recap of the past week on my Twitch channel. Descriptions are in the main language of each stream, as it was posted on YouTube.

Q.o.t.W. : « Tellement beau que t’en chiale »


fr :un stream experimental pour essayer mon nouveau setup et tester ma manette Super Nintendo 8Bitdo SF30 Retro Set ! [talky Mux](Yoshi’s Island + TMNT Mutant Warriors + TMNT Turtles in Time | Super Famicom)

J’ai commandé récemment la manette “SF30 Retro Set” de 8Bitdo, et j’avais envie de l’essayer avec vous, tout en testant mon nouveau setup de stream (micro, webcam, etc). Quoi de plus mieux que le ONE TRUE GAME yoshi’s island pour essayer cette merveille qui permet de jouer directement sur la console mais sans fil ! L’essai a été parfaitement concluant, pas d’input lag décelé, un toucher proche de la manette Super Famicom, et très simple d’utilisation une fois trouvé comment ça marche. Du coup on essaie la manette aussi avec deux jeux TMNT, et enfin la connexion avec la Switch sur Mario Maker 2, qui tourne parfaitement aussi. Bref j’en attendais beaucoup, et je suis quand même surpris ! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY !


fr :Crash Team Racing en 360p, un dimanche qui dérape (intro) [talky Mux](Crash Team Racing : Nitro Fueled | PS4)

C’était le moment de continuer CTR Nitro-Fueld, mais le jeu n’était pas d’accord ! Une MAJ de 1.5Go sournoise, et me voilà obligé de couper ce stream en deux :>

fr :Crash Team Racing en 360p, un dimanche qui dérape [talky Mux](Crash Team Racing : Nitro Fueled | PS4)

Le patch de CTRNF enfin appliqué, on peut continuer l’Aventure avec un A majuscule. Je saisis au passage enfin le concept du Grand Prix et ses trucs chiants à débloquer, et une fois terminé le mode aventure vite fait (pas à 100%, on va devoir y revenir) et infliger au public l’intégralité du générique haha, je pars dans une quête débile pour débloquer un des nouveaux persos de la MAJ, Baby T, un T-Rex mignon. Successsssss… ???


fr :Crash Team Racing en 360p, je suis éclaté. Salut !(Crash Team Racing : Nitro Fueled | PS4)

Après 15 minutes de micro qui fonctionnait pas sans que je le sache, débloquage de quelques persos en mode aventure, affalé sur mon lit, le streaming deux point dodo… ZzzZ

Random snapshots by Mux #1

fr : Quelques photos prises en me baladant, avec mon Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. Celles-ci sont situés à Paris et autour, cet été, avant qu’il ne devienne qu’un nuancier de gris pluvieux.

en : Some pictures I took while wandering, with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. This batch is located in or around Paris, this summer, before becoming a rainy grey color chart.

RePlay of the Week 29 [2019]

Retour sur les diffusions en direct de la semaine sur ma chaîne Twitch. Les descriptions sont dans la langue du stream, tel qu’envoyé sur Yotubé.

Live streams’ recap of the past week on my Twitch channel. Descriptions are in the main language of each stream, as it was posted on YouTube.

Q.o.t.W. : « Je crois que mon chien s’est introduit dans une palette… »


fr :Crash Team Racing est là ! Le stream qui va ressembler à rien. [540p.1](Crash Team Racing : Nitro Fueled | PS4)

J’ai enfin reçu le jeu après de nombreuses péripéties. Je decouvre ce beau remake sans patch avec vous, un stream évidemment hideux placé sous le signe de l’ADSL démoralisant et de l’encodage PS4 !

fr :Crash Team Racing est là ! Le stream qui va ressembler à rien. [360p.2](Crash Team Racing : Nitro Fueled | PS4)

Après un faux départ, voilà la suite du stream découverte du remake de CTR, j’ai patché le jeu gagnant ainsi le droit de voir tous les trucs à débloquer en plus avec la monnaie du jeu, et un passage en qualité inférieure du stream PS4, d’où le son étouffé, mais pas de drop de frame au moins. On commence le mode aventure avec Pura le meilleur perso en toute objectivité ! Je ne suis pas déçu du tout, à part les machins à débloquer de manière rébarbative. Foncez !


fr :iNK | Drawing Session » Petit stream de dessin pour s’y remettre en attendant du bon matériel !

Stream surtout pour setup les futurs stream de dessin, avec un peu de dessin pour avancer ma page d’accueil de , et qui finit par être une demo de plein de vieilleries, entrecoupés de pitreries de mon chien (qui a pissé) !