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My multifaceted project Distortion (Distorsion) was initially created to be the subject of my Weekl’iNK 2023 challenge (which I made to more regularly do art streams).

It is an original universe, with strong science-fiction and natural elements, narrating the life of nine main characters, though with the simple intent to draw as many different things possible that I enjoy ; sometimes weirdly original, sometimes with obvious references in mind with a twist in it ! I just mainly want to have fun. ^^

The first year, 20 artworks have been (exhaustingly) made, introducing everyone (not yet named) and showing some parts of this odd world. But it was just the tip of the iceberg, and I developed much more the story and the background of the characters, which I was supposed to reveal more (the initial 2023 objective was to do 48 – less detailed – illustrations), so I couldn’t just stop there ! But with a slightly different challenge, Monthl’iNK 2024, where one full artwork is done monthly (still showing some slice of life of everybuddy), after some weeks of targeted studies and practice, to improve technically. This second year was also the occasion to finally unveil the names of the characters and of the project !

Maybe sometimes, in a parallel perfect world, everything will be connected in comics ? For the time being, you’ll find here known information about Distorsion already shared in my drawings ^^

Last update : 2024/04/16

The universe

Distortion takes mainly place on a kinda strange planet, similar to Earth, which would have developed differently, with a lot of different living forms. Angular vegetation, polygonal landscapes or even furred fishes can be observed ! Fast technological leaps have radically modified the world in the last decades, and big cities concentrate a large part of the population, where coexist various humanoids from different backgrounds (animal, robotic or even from other worlds). An immensely popular sport of this rapidly evolving era : Formula NG races (as for Non-Gravitational), bringing together high speed enthusiasts or people in search of opportunities.

Nature et cities in Distorsion.

The characters

Between brackets you will find the descriptive names used the first year, when everyone was still anonymous !

Rev (MAN)

Having always lived in his native big city, Rev is passionate about technology and is a racing driver. The current champion of Formula NG (Non-Gravitational), with one of the last all-mechanical vehicles on the circuit, prepared by the stubborn and old school K-008, his teammate and best friend. Leaving nothing to chance and willing to control every detail, Rev nevertheless finds himself faced with a vehicle breakdown during a solitary pre-season training trip, left alone, lost in the wilderness without means of communication… During this misadventure, he meets Dyn and Nox, who welcome him into their home, isolated from everything. Loving his tranquility, but having trouble declining propositions, he regularly finds himself in trouble following the crazy ideas of those around him…

Appearances : Y1-01 ; Y1-02 ; Y1-04 ; Y1-06 ; Y1-09 ; Y1-17 ; Y1-20 ; Y2-01 ; Y2-02 ;

Dyn a.k.a Dynnah (WOMAN)

A resourceful young woman who lives alone in the middle of nowhere, with Nox, a strange quadruped companion. Dyn is a great DIY enthusiast, always distracted by thinking about her constructions projects, she also spends a lot of time exploring in search of some materials to build her ideas. Raised by Yammah who taught her everything about this remote and, at first glance, hostile environment, following yet another argument she decides to live on her own. She has in her possession a bizarre device with magical abilities…

Appearances : Y1-01 ; Y1-04 ; Y1-06 ; Y1-13 ; Y1-18 ; Y2-03 ;

Nox a.k.a No’Xupi (CRITTER)

Faithful companion of Dyn, who take care of him following a serious accident, this cybernetic creature is extremely affectionate, making friends with all the local fauna, despite an obvious lack of tact and good manners. Very fast and able to see in the dark, he is also very clumsy, and tends to get carried away by his natural curiosity, putting himself in perilous situations, requiring Dyn’s intervention.

Appearances : Y1-01 ; Y1-04 ; Y1-06 ; Y1-14 ; Y2-03 ;

Kayte a.k.a K-008 (ROBOT)

A robotic being of great power, he is Rev‘s best friend, to whom he transmitted his passion for racing and introduced to motor sports. Dedicating his life to his unequaled knowledge in mechanics but an unreasonably old schooler at a time where new technologies are more and more prevalent in Formula NG, he’s desperately searching for Rev, feeling guilty since the disappearance of his friend aboard a vehicle that he prepared. Obstinate in his rejection of any modern instrument that he could not repair himself, and lacking any sense of direction, his quest leads him to unexpected places…

Appearances : Y1-05 ; Y1-09 ; Y1-17 ;

Qarmie (FRIEND)

A very promising and respected young scientist, she was Rev‘s girlfriend since school, until their respective work schedules and travels eventually made them part ways. Qarmie, however, due to their many points in common and their attraction to technological advances and modern means of communication, they still remain very close even if they do not see each other often. Her current research seems to make some people uncomfortable, could her sense of duty, her thoroughness and her honesty put Quarmie in danger?

Appearances : Y1-10 ; Y1-15 ; Y2-01 ;

Xindo (RIVAL)

A talented but impulsive racing driver, a great sporting rivalry is playing out between him and Rev. Even if he’s not lacking any virtue, he does not hesitate to put his interests first, taking questionable paths and methods, often playing with the limits of the regulations to take the advantage. Even if he is often surrounded by people and always seems to be joking, Xindo is a solitary person, for whom only his success counts, to the detriment of any friendship. Taking full advantage of Rev‘s unexplained absence at the start of the season, by crushing the competition, he slowly realizes that without his rival, victory is not as exciting…

Appearances : Y1-02 ; Y1-20 ;


A humanoid cheetah who obviously no longer really has any limits or lucidity, wandering towards a mysterious goal, sowing trouble and causing desolation in the way. Extreme physical abilities linked to a past as an expert in martial arts, make Juba an invincible fighter, arousing fear, veneration or loss for the unconscious who cross the path of the lost cheetah… A certain moral sense still seems to emanate from this soul in exile.

Appearances : Y1-07 ; Y1-11 ; Y1-16 ;

EM a.k.a Em’mie (LITTLE)

This little space explorer has recently arrived on this planet which is totally unknown to him, and on a very different scale from his own. His main mission is to take samples, equipped with his instruments and travelling aboard his vessel, with the intent to study them when back in his own world. Many ordinary dangers will arise in front of EM, but behind his frail appearance, hides a brave person who has the sense of accomplishment!

Appearances : Y1-03 ; Y1-08 ; Y1-12 ; Y2-04 ;

Yammah (ELDER)

A valiant master in combat with more experience than it seems possible to obtain in a single existence, Yammah raised Dyn alone, far from civilization, choosing isolation after tragic events which marked him both psychologically and physically. Despite all his good intentions to offer her an idyllic childhood, his natural rigor was a source of conflict in the face of Dyn‘s increasingly independent and dreamy character, who as she grew up decided to go on her own way. But that doesn’t stop him from helping and watching over her secretly.

Appearances : Y1-04 ; Y1-13 ; Y1-19 ;

The main cast of Distortion !