October 2019

#inktober 2019 was “teubé” *

tl;dr.fr : j’ai retenté le challenge #inktober cette année — je voulais faire un dessin de Yoshi (le dino !) par jour, j’avais même brouillonné des idées jusqu’au quinzième déjà — malheureusement pas le temps de m’y consacrer comme je voulais (streamer en dessinant, faire des trucs plus ambitieux que l’année dernière…) ; alors j’ai fait l’inkteubé de mon pote PKLugar, avec ses thèmes bien débiles comme il faut qui m’ont poussé à dessiner des trucs que j’aurais jamais essayé — j’ai utilisé les stylos Sakura Pigma (le Brush, Micron 8 et Graphic 1, selon l’épaisseur du trait voulue) — malheureusement malgré un petit week-end détente en Belgique qui m’a permis de dessiner, le travail m’a rattrapé et j’ai arrêté au neuvième jour (que je n’ai pas encré finalement) — mes préférés sont le 4, le 6 et le 8 — on fera mieux l’année prochaine !

Les détails plus bas !
La liste émergente de PKLugar

* “teubé” is a french Verlan slang meaning “silly” !

I already told you about the #inktober challenge, if possible, you have to make one drawing for each day of the month, following a list of words from the creator of this event to inspire people and see what each people could imagine from the same simple word. Originally you were supposed to draw only with inking tools, but now it has spread to all support (coloring, digital art, etc) . A great idea that incents you to be more regular in your production, or use styles that you are not known for, or exploring fields that you may not be confortable with.

Along the way, other people made their own lists, with their own rules (the goal of Jake Parker was to open a way to be more creative and productive and getting better, so he is perfectly okay with that despite some sort of “purists” will say ^^). So this year because of the lack of time and energy of the moment, I opted to do the list of my friend PKLugar, who made his own list named “inkteubé” (a pun with inktober and “teubé” meaning “bête” in french Verlan, you can translate as “idiot”… so “inkdioctober” ? lol. I had the idea when the official prompt list was announced to make one Yoshi drawing for each day of october this year, even did sketched ideas until the 15th word. But as I was saying previously, life wuz hard on me fam !

The topics were sometimes challenging (and some leaving the non-french speaker totally clueless, haha), but it was for the better, I draw some things I would normally never try anyway. For each one I used the Sakura Pigma inking pens, either the Brush, Micron 8 or Graphic 1. I made quick drafts with a pencil before inking, being not confident enough to start inking from scratch. I sadly stopped before the tenth day (not even inked the 9th one), too much work and exhaustion once again. My favorites are the #4 (“cute” lol), #6 (with an old JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure vibe… is that a doll for infants Pillar Men ? Happy, urepii… Yoropiku ne !), #8 (I rushed it a bit, but it turned okay and laughable). Enjoy it !

#9 “Un portrait de Renaud” (a portrait of Renaud – french annoying singer)

tl;dr.fr : j’ai fait trois brouillons pour celui-là, mais j’ai arrêté avant de l’encrer — jeu de mot évident entre Renaud et Renault — vive la 4L de ma maman !

I did three draft for this one, but I quit after this one, which stayed in this penciled state. I kinda merged a comic style with the young Renaud (he is now old, drunk and cranky), with a pun on the similarity with the Renault car brand. This is the iconic 4L, a model from the 70’s, that my mom used to drive when I was a kid ^^’

#8 “La pire maison possible” (the worst house possible)

tl;dr.fr : un dessin très amusant à faire — inspiré de trajets inombrables en RER A et ses paysages… ainsi que tout ce qui compose le meilleur de la région parisienne, le béton, les cimetières, les aéroports, la pollution, les nuisances quoi — quelques clins d’oeils seulement compréhensible par mes potes, ou moi-même, haha ! [ 36 15 ROXY ]

This one was very fun to do, I also profited from the ruined state and weird form of the structure to not care about perspective, for real this is the worst place to live, ahah. I was inspired by these points of view you have sometime on the RER A, especially the viaduc of Nogent, which offers a beautiful landscape, and by the Parisian region as a whole, which is basically covered with concrete, roads, cemetaries and circled by airports, and power plants, and noisy smelly places. Also, when you think of it, all the beautiful houses or place you see when travelling on a train, well… they are near a fucking railroad, this is really annoying, trust me. There are little details that are easter eggs for friends, or reference from childhood no one can expect. The resident must enjoy taking a piss on the terrace !

#7 “On fait la paix ?” (do we make peace ?)

tl;dr.fr : mon chien Kubo et ma lapine Plue enfin amis ? — pas qu’ils ne s’aiment pas, mais le doggo est un peu trop énergique — j’aime bien le rendu de Plue, même si j’ai dû traffiquer son oeil avec un découpage, mais le noircissement de Kubo s’est mal passé — bof !

This is Kubo and Plue, my dog and my rabbit, he and she didn’t get well along together. Kubo is way too much energic, and Plue has a character. Well for this drawing they are best pals. I’m satisfied by the look of Plue, even if I had to do a collage to tweak her eye which was looking very agressive, haha. Kubo was not badly shaped, but I messed up the coloring, too much black and not used well. The shadow under his head was also a mistake. Meh !

#6 “Un visage qui vous effraie” (a creepy face)

tl;dr.fr : je déteste les “baigneurs”, ces poupons réaliste qui peuplaient l’enfance des vioques — voilà comment je les vois, voulant aspirer mon âme

I don’t like some big insects, but the realistic plastic dolls, the “baigneurs” are really creapy in my opinion, ahah. I tried to show how they appear to me. Eww…

#5 “Après le cyber punk, le cyber hippie” (after the cyber punk, the cyber hippie)

tl;dr.fr : un dessin ambitieux… une scène pluvieuse, rétro-futuriste de nuit — j’ai essayé des choses, tout ne fonctionne pas mais ça reste fun

An “ambitious” piece. A rainy, retro-futuristic night scene. It shows my lack of knowledge for lightning, but I tried things. Peace.

#4 “La pire fusion de deux animaux” (Worst fusion of two animals)

tl;dr.fr : un chameau + un hibou, à la fois presque normal mais horrible quand même… — il vit dans le désert, de nuit, chassant les serpents

A combination of an owl and a camel, that is my take for the worst fusion possible. I wanted to give it wings, but too complicated and confusing. It lives in the desert, mostly at night, chasing snakes.

#3 “L’ami imaginaire de Michel Cymès” (the imaginary friend of Michel Cymès – french doctor and TV host)

tl;dr.fr : une oeuvre d’art mes chéris ! “Mimiche” ressemble un peu à Ardisson — on vous explique tout le processus créatif après la pub !

The guy is known for his black humor, and has apparently a beef with the actual most polarizing french show host Cyril Hanouna, a.k.a. Baba. Well, now he is always with him, tied to his soul, tied to his everyday life <3

#2 “La femme de Jésus” (Jesus’ wife)

tl;dr.fr : ma copine m’a accusé de nous caricaturer, de la décrire comme un tyran domestique, c’est totalement faux — il est vrai que j’ai souvent des coupures aux mains à cause des cartons au boulot, et que j’aime pas trop faire la vaisselle, donc c’est une bonne excuse pour ne pas la faire — il est vrai que récemment j’en fait moins qu’avant — mais bon, Jésus, le mec, il vient de se faire crucifier au taf, le soir il rentre chez lui, il a des trous dans les mains, il pisse encore le sang… faut pas déconner !

My girlfriend accused me of caricaturing us in this drawing. Well Jesus can’t wash the dishes for fuck sakes, he has bloody hole in his hands. I have cardboard cuts on my hands and can’t touch water neither. This is nonsense.

#1 “Un chien moche” (an ugly dog)

A rushed job !