#inktober 2018

tl;dr.fr : j’ai commencé inktober l’année derniere – ressorti Formi un vieux perso imaginé en primaire lol – pas eu le temps de terminer à cause de mon boulot de con – utilisé les Sakura Pigma – clin d’oeil à mon bro d’enfance Képooné avec son perso de la lose Hingus – je ferai mieux l’année prochaine ?

Each october, the inktober challenge is a way for our lazy ass, to draw with a focus point, making an artwork each day of the month. You can follow the proposed theme or not. Last year, with a desire to get back into drawing, I finally decided to try, and so began this series of drawings on post-it, showing Formi, a character I created when I was 10 years old haha, in various situations (in relation to the theme). Sadly, I got carried away by a new position more demanding at my work, also projecting more and more ambitious scenes *sigh*, and after these 5 entries, I left the rest of the series in a state of perpetual draft.

I used some Sakura Pigma pencils, mainly the Micron 8 and 3 and Brush. Maybe a bit thick for a small format like a Post-it. The character in the fifth drawing is a tribute to my bro Kepounet, who created Hingus years ago, a poor guy with “testicles” under his beak, and who’s having all the worst event falling on him, we had such a laugh haha.

Well why not finish this someday, or at least trying my luck this year, if I’m not eaten alive by my job… ^^’

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